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Disabled Facilities at Angel of the North Fishing Lakes

Angel of the North Fishing Lakes has been designed for ease of access for both able and disabled persons. The parking in front of Bowes Lake and by the reception building will primarily be for people with disabilities. The reception building will accommodate wheelchairs and we have disabled toilet facilities on site.

The fishing pegs and all pathways have been designed to be accessible for wheelchair users. Special mesh has been used in the construction of the pathways for this purpose. Security and safety are important issues and hence there will be a post provided at each peg to enable wheelchair users to secure themselves. Walkie talkie hire is also available so that wardens can be called to assist disabled fishers.

We welcome disabled anglers and have provided some useful information. We have also tried to make our website as accessible as possible and have listed some of the accessibility features.

If you visit Angel of the North Fishing Lakes and can think of anything extra we can do to make your visit more enjoyable and comfortable then please contact us.