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Match Fishing at Angel of the North Fishing Lakes on Lookout Lake

Angel Open Matches - Summer Timetable

Sunday 10.00am - 3.00pm Lookout Lake

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Any clubs wishing to book matches must follow fishery rules including match rules (see below) and pre book and pay in advance for the match.

All Entries must be in by 1hour 10 mins before the start of the match.

Draw 1 hour 10 mins before match. Including Golden Peg Draw.

Angel of the North Match Fishing Riles - Mixed Course on Lookout Lake and Carp on Bowes Lake.

Due to the quality and size and range of coarse fish we have stocked in Lookout Lake and Bowes Carp Lake we are now advising the following:

  • 2 landing nets, both of which should be kite marked,
  • one for holding fish in the water whilst waiting to be weighed,
  • one to continue fishing and landing fish.

Please note we have carp, tench, bream, Koi, Ghosties all above double figures in Lookout and double sized carp in Bowes. Please make sure that one of your nets is suitable size for these fish.

Any Angler Caught SWINGING IN ANY FISH OF ANY size will be Disqualified IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!!!!

All fish to be netted in unhooked via side of net and placed into keepnet from the landing net. NO handling of Fish.

All landing nets must be dipped in the chemical dip tank by reception for 10 minutes and then rinsed in the fresh water tank prior to going fishing. (We advise you also dip after fishing before returning home to dry nets out).

1.Whilst fishing the Angel Of The North Fisheries all fishery rules apply and all anglers must pay particular Interest to the section appertaining to FISH WELFARE
2. No boxes or platforms to be placed into the water. They must only be on the bankside peg.
3. Only the Fisheries own keepnets are to be used. Silver fish net and Carp Net Supplied

Rules for fish in keepnets:-

50lb a) Carp keepnets. No more than 50lb must be kept in one carp keepnet at any one time, any excess will be NET discounted at the time of the weigh in. Extra keepnets to be requested. Mirror & Common Carp only,
TOTAL Carp must not be longer than the top of the keepnet, any longer than top of keepnet must be weighed in by steward. Koi and Ghost carp to be weighed in NOT placed in keepnet. Crucian carp to be placed in Silver fish keepnet

30lb b) Silver Fish Keepnet. Max weight to be held in keepnet 30lb Extra keepnets must be requested when Net nearing the 30lb limit, any excess will be discounted and weighed in at 30lb.If the excess weight is over Total 10lb ie weight of 40lb the whole weight of the keepnet will be disallowed. The fish welfare is priority, silver fish keepnets are smaller, and the weight of fish above 30lb in a net is damaging to silver fish.

No fish larger than 3lb in weight (length of fish is the critical issue, must be shorter than top opening of keepnet. In the event of such fish being caught, attention should be brought to a steward who will weigh the fish immediately and return it to the water.)

Silver fish:- Bream, Rudd, Golden Rudd, Roach, Ide, also Crucian carp, tench and golden tench, golden orfe to be kept in silver fish keepnets.

4. All Koi, Ghost Carp and any fish above 3lb to be weighed in by stewards and then returned to the water by steward.
5. When being weighed in please leave the keepnet in the water until the steward tells you he/she is ready to weigh you in. Pick the net out of the water by the third ring & place the third ring through the top opening then allow the fish to go into the weigh sack slowly and closely (not at a height) This is the most dangerous time for our fish to be damaged! Care Must be taken!!! The steward will ask you to return the fish to water in the weigh sack after weigh in, please lower the sack into the water and drop one handle so the fish swim out of the sack.


6.The following baits are NOT to be used on the match lake: Bloodworm/Joker, Nut based baits, Cat meat, Dog meat, Cat or dog Complete, Floating biscuit, Artificial plastic baits, Floating baits, Oct to April no oil based . No Boilies of any size. All Bread is banned be it floating, ground, pelleted, punched etc.
7. Only Angel of The North Feed Pellets are to be used as Loose feed. All other pellets for the hook are permitted.
8. Bait limits - a maximum of 6 PINTS of bait is permitted at you peg during a match. An example of a typical match bait tray is as follows:

  • 1kilo max of groundbait.
  • 2kg of Angel feed pellets 4pts
  • 1 Tin Sweetcorn 1/2pt
  • 1 Tin luncheon meat 1/2pt
  • 1 pt maggot 1pt
  • TOTAL 6pts


9.- The Match will be started and finished by the fishery staff by use of an air horn.
10. No fixed lead rigs or Helicopter rigs are to be used, when feeder or ledger fishing the ledger or feeder must be free running.
11. No hook lengths shorter than 15 inches when feeder fishing is to be used.
12. No Method fishing of any kind.
13. No barbed or semi barbed hooks.
14. No hooks larger than size 12 or smaller than 18.
15. No floating pole.
16. Any unused bait is to be disposed of in the bins provided at the reception. Under no circumstances is unwanted bait to be thrown into the lake at the end of the match.
17. All litter to be taken home or placed in the bin by reception.
18. If you are not weighing in you must ask for Angel staff to be present when returning fish to the water.
19. Any breach of these rules will result in the angler being disqualified and asked to leave the fishery.
20. Keepnets will be collected by the fisheries staff after the match. Please leave on the bankside by peg.
21. The steward’s decision is final.

If not weighing in and you have caught fish you must ask the steward to come to your peg to observe the fish being returned to the water.

Please Enjoy our Lakes and our facilities and respect our rules

Ideas Wanted- Anything you can think of to improve the site, lakes or fishing please let us know.

Golden Peg if you win the match from the Golden peg number,the golden peg fund will be awarded; if this is not won the fund will be accumulated until won.

Club Bookings

Full Lake 5 hour match (40 pegs) POA Half Lake (continuous 20 pegs) POA

Club bookings must be booked and paid for in advance and all competitors must follow the rules.

An Angel member of staff must accompany the club steward at weigh in and returning
the fish to the water.

And finally

Take nothing but memories Leave nothing but footprints

Please read rules and regulations.

At Angel of the North Fishing Lakes we also support Coarse Fishing, Novice Fishing, Open Matches, Night Fishing and Disabled Fishing.